Sunday, February 26, 2017

If you want to catch more of my day to day stuff feel free to check out my Instagram! I post on there almost daily, with things like sketches and work in progress pictures of my current projects 

I little while before Christmas I helped organise setting up a table for me and a few people from my class at a local makers market. I made a few textile based things, including a velvet fox, some sleepy bears and little felt robin brooches.

I've recently taught myself how to crochet granny squares (some long hours of looking backwards and forwards from tutorial to tutorial) and started to make a blanket out of some yarns I had collected over the past few months.

Crochet is something I find super relaxing to do after a long day of working at the studio, it's a nice change of pace also very rewarding to see how it looks after a while.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Some transformer sketches. These are my own designs for Bumblebee, Cosmos, Mirage and Cliffjumper. Transformers is pretty much my favorite thing. 
(all rights to transformers goes to Hasbro)

More stuff from my last project. My story was based in a far distant future where humans are no more and robots exist on earth. I wanted to create a lush, overgrown look to the environment my character was going to be in. I used a lot of mixed media in these, mostly water colour, coloured pencils. charcoal and crayons.

Some university work. Our last project was narrative illustration, so we got to make our own story and design a character for it. It was super fun to have such freedom in a project. I went a little wild and designed my favourite thing, a robot!